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About ASDC

The Acupuncture Society of the District of Columbia (ASDC) serves the public as well as practitioners of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.  Our mission includes educating the public about traditional Chinese medicine; protection and promotion of the integrity of this medicine; and broadening opportunities for practitioners  and the public through education, legislative action, and communication.   ASDC is registered as a non-profit organization. We are currently the only professional membership organization of  traditional Chinese and Asian medicine in D.C.  We welcome your questions or comments, and you can always contact us at info@dcacupuncture.org.

Looking Ahead:

May 4: Spring Seminars: HIV/AIDS The Past and Present, Cancer: A Genetic Disease that Requires an Integrative Approach to Cure, and Cancer Treatment with Chinese Medicine Based on 30 years of Clinical Experience. 
Columbia, MD. 
Contact: matcm2003@hotmail.com or 443-465-8530 
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